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#31 - Norah Woodsey and Kealani Natane

November 29, 2023 Caroline Leech Season 2 Episode 31
Authors & Audiences
#31 - Norah Woodsey and Kealani Natane
Show Notes

Norah Woodsey, is an indie author, with three novels, THE CONTROL PROBLEM and LIFELESS, and the novella WHEN THE WAVE COLLAPSES. Her next book, THE STATES, will be out in April 2024. After short careers in finance and tech, Norah began writing novels featuring subjects of which she says she has “intense interest but not quite expertise”, such as history, physics, genetics, sociology and gender studies. She’s a fourth generation Brooklynite, though she’s now living over on the west coast.

You can pre-order THE STATES or buy any of her other books via the links on Norah's website, or from Norah's favorite indie bookstore, Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn, and you can find Norah at and follow her on  Instagram.

Kealani Netane is a Native Hawaiian and Samoan author who was raised on the leeward side of Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi where she currently lives. She writes children's books and her debut picture book will be TALA LEARNS TO SIVA, illustrated by Dung Ho (Scholastic, Summer 2024) and is available for pre-order now.

Kealani is passionate about championing Pacific Islander voices in all sectors of the art world, and she was part of the organizing team which put together the Books for Maui online auction to help support the island recover and rebuild after the devastating wildfires of August 2023. 

The other auction organizers are:

The four organizations which the Auction supported are:

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