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The best advice from Season 1

October 24, 2023 Caroline Leech Season 2 Episode 26
Authors & Audiences
The best advice from Season 1
Show Notes

I’m so delighted to be back here with you on your favorite podcast app, and I'm absolutely thrilled to kick off my second season, which I hope you will listen to, love and learn from along with me.

This season, I’ll still be bringing you fantastic authors, ready to share with you their stories, their experiences and their advice to help you build your confidence in front of all your audiences – in person and virtually, and also help you develop your career as a professional author even further – whether you’re a pro author already, or working towards becoming one.

 Last season, I hosted writers of novels and short stories, books for kids of all ages and books for adults, as well as teachers, booksellers, librarians and even a ghostwriter. And towards the end of each episode, I asked my guests one or two questions about the best advice they were given, and the best advice they would share. As you’ll hear, the question varied depending on the guest, but the value of the advice never wavered from pure gold.

Please listen to hear amazing advice from:

  • Tiffany D Jackson - award-winning YA author
  • Chris Cander - bestselling literary author
  • Tae Keller - Newbery Award winner
  • Laurel Goodluck - picture book debut author
  • Lizzy Dent - women's fiction author and screenwriter
  • Louise Marburg - short story writer
  • L.A. Mitchell - ghostwriter
  • Lisa Stringfellow - MG author
  • Deborah DEEP Mouton - former Houston Poet Laureate
  • Scott Reintgen - YA/MG fantasy and scifi author
  • Cathy Berner - Blue Willow Bookshop 
  • Joy Preble - Brazos Bookstore
  • Melissa Buron - Houston ISD Library Services

I'd love to hear from you about what advice really resonated with you, if you have any topics you'd like me to cover on the podcast, or if you'd just like to say hi! So please message me via my website by clicking here.

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