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#20 - Louise Marburg, short story writer

January 11, 2023 Caroline Leech Season 1 Episode 20
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#20 - Louise Marburg, short story writer
Show Notes

Louise Marburg is the author of three short story collections – The Truth About Me, No Diving Allowed and her latest one, You have reached your Destination, which  came out in November. Her stories have also been published in any number of highly respected literary journals and she’s won awards for them too. Louise’s new collection captures turning points in the lives of twelve women, and Louise invites us to face ourselves and our own life journeys with sympathy, humor, and courage.

Louise originally trained as a designer at the Kansas City Art Institute, but then discovered that she wanted to write instead, and went on to get an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University.

During our discussion, Louise mentioned her recent article for The Daily Beast, entitled Are They Really Your Friends if They Don't Read Your Work?  She also praised Eleanor Lipman's novel Ms. Demeanor, and she recommended following Amy Sedaris on Instagram.

She will be presenting her new collection in Houston, TX, on Saturday, January 14th at an event at Brazos Bookstore where she will be in discussion with author, Chris Cander.

To find out more about Louise, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram.

To buy her latest book, You have reached your destination, or any of her other books, please consider buying it from from - as an affiliate, Authors & Audiences will receive a small fee from any purchase using this link, which will go towards the costs of keeping the podcast running. Many thanks.

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