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#19 Amelia McHenry shares wisdom on setting goals for 2023

January 04, 2023 Caroline Leech
Authors & Audiences
#19 Amelia McHenry shares wisdom on setting goals for 2023
Show Notes

Amelia McHenry is a Technical Writer and Business Analyst, meaning she examines business processes and produces manuals and timelines for them. She’s also a certified money, marketing and soul coach, and founder of Dodona Coaching. She offers her clients the support and encouragement they need to follow their dreams to fruition, and she also helps them make life fun. But, she does so by sharing with them her wisdom about how understanding your process and setting yourself goals can help you achieve so much more than you think you can.

In this episode, Amelia talks about how being aware of the steps of your creative process can help you in future projects, and she shares the way she teaches goal setting for authors, for small business owners and for her other clients.

To help you, Amelia has put together a free downloadable “Quick Goals Overview” which will help you learn:

  • Why setting goals is so important
  • How to keep your goals front and center
  • What to do if/when your goals change
  • How to use your goals as guideposts, not rigid must dos

To get your free copy of Amelia's Quick Goals Overview, click here.

To find out more about Amelia and her work, visit her website, or follow her on  Instagram.

In the interview, Amelia mentions The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan, and she suggests that we follow money mindset coach, Denise Duffield Thomas, and branding and business coach, Jonathan Tilley.

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