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#17 Lizzy Dent faces the A&A Q&A . . .

December 16, 2022 Caroline Leech Season 1 Episode 17
Authors & Audiences
#17 Lizzy Dent faces the A&A Q&A . . .
Show Notes

Lizzy Dent is a bestselling women's fiction author.  Her first novel for women – The Summer Job -  came out in 2021 and her second , The Set Up, came out this year, in 2022. Before her move into adult fiction , Lizzy wrote a three Young Adult novels, under her real name, Rebecca Denton, all set in and around the music scene, called This Beats Perfect, A Secret Beat and The Punk Factor.  Lizzy is a New Zealander, but she spent many years working in London, and these days lives in Austria with her family. Before she was an author, she worked in television, creating content for various companies like MTV, the BBC, Cartoon Network and Channel 4.

To find out more about Lizzy Dent, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram.

To buy Lizzy's books and support this podcast, please consider buying The Summer Job and The Set Up from or from any independent bookstore near you.

Lizzy also mentioned:
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