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Authors & Audiences: the trailer

September 22, 2022 Caroline Leech Season 1 Episode 0
Authors & Audiences
Authors & Audiences: the trailer
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This is the trailer for the new podcast, Authors & Audiences. Podcaster, YA author and presentation coach, Caroline Leech, introduces her plans for the podcast, which will include interviews with authors and other publishing and media professionals, as well as deep-digging into the sort of topics which help authors present themselves in public without fear.

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Music by Oleg Kirilkov - #We StandWithUkraine

Hi! I’m Caroline Leech, and welcome to this introduction to my new podcast, Authors and Audiences.

I’m a Scottish Texan, and a Young Adult novelist. I also coach authors and illustrators to present themselves and their books in public with confidence and professionalism, so that they can not only connect with readers and sell more books, but they can also impress their publishers and sell more books to them too. Most of all, I want every author to feel so well-prepared to talk about themselves and their books, that they can go into any public setting, whether online or in-person, feeling excitement, not fear. 

Over the coming weeks on Authors & Audiences, I’m going to be digging deep into the big things like confidence, community, creativity and courage. And also talking about more practical things like book launches, conference speeches, writing workshops, school visits, social media strategies and media interviews.

And you won’t just be listening to me blethering on. I’m going to be interviewing some fabulous authors and illustrators, as well as some amazing booksellers, publishers, librarians, broadcasters, and other randomly fascinating guests. I’ll be asking them to share their public speaking wisdom with you, and maybe spill a few of their best kept presentation secrets too. 

I’ll be launching the first episode in late October, and will be coming to you weekly after that, so please follow the Authors and Audiences podcast on your favorite podcast provider, so you don’t miss any episodes. You can also follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and those links are in the show notes below this trailer.

So, whoever you are, wherever you are on the publication path, and whatever your public speaking challenge is right now, don't worry, you're in the right place. You’re a Storyteller, and I created this podcast - Authors & Audiences – specifically for YOU.  

See you very soon for the first episode of Authors and Audiences!